3D Geometric Wall Shelf

3D Geometric Wall Shelf


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Look no further than this 3D geometric shelf for the statement piece you need on your walls. Made with well-crafted iron, this wall shelf doubles as a 3D sculpture to add a whole new dimension to your room. Mix and match six different shapes for a dramatic showcase. 






See individual photos of each option for extra context.

Option A - Square
     H: 26cm x W: 26cm x D: 20cm

     (H: 10.25” x W: 10.25” x D: 8”)


Option B - Upright Pentagon
H: 39cm x W: 28.5cm x D: 17cm

     (H: 15.5” x W: 11.25” x D: 6.75”)


Option C - Honeycomb Hexagon

     H: 30cm x W: 30cm x D: 20cm

     (H: 12” x W: 12” x D: 8”)


Option D - Horizontal Pentagon 

     H: 31cm x W: 43cm x D: 17.5cm

     (H: 12.25” x W: 17” x D: 7”)


Option E -  Horizontal Hexagon

     H: 18cm x W: 41cm x D: 20cm

     (H: 7” x W: 16” x D: 8”)


Option F - Wide Pentagon

     H: 36cm x W: 36cm x D: 17cm

     (H: 14”x W: 14” x D: 6.75”)






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